Capoeira Malês Boca Raton is a non-profit organization with its main focus to promote discipline, self-control and respect. Capoeira regional is an Afro Brazilian martial arts originated over 500 years ago in Brazil by the slaves who were brought to Brazil to work on the crop fields. Since then Capoeira has become a full contact martial art maintaining its tradition and roots, from dancing, music, etc.


Our group is under the supervision of Contra Mestre Negao, who has been training Capoeira for over 20 years. Capoeira Malês was founded by Mestre Curisco and Mestre Lua Branca after emigrating from Brazil to the United States and Canada, respectively. Their aim is to share their love for capoeira and share their experience with students. This experience is based on the values of respect, discipline and tradition. Not only are Mestre Curisco and Mestre Lua Branca committed to the preservation and values of capoeira as an art, but also to disseminating the Brazilian culture worldwide and passing on these values to their students.


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